Fabricated assemblies

DMP offers a capability that is rare to the fabrication sector, in being able to work with a customer to assist in the design phase and carry that through all the way to the series production of a product so that the manufacture phase is optimised to reduce cost and increase quality.

DMP can fabricate a wide range of complex products in a variety of materials.

High volume production of precision fabricated assemblies is achieved by fully utilising a range of the following techniques; CNC laser cutting & forming, robotic welding, sawing, shearing, rolling, flame profiling, heat treatment and pressure testing - as well as the full range of traditional welding techniques.

All of our welders are qualified as a base requirement against of BSEN ISO287-1 ranging up to welders who are coded to perform qualified welds in accordance with the pressure equipment directive.

To support high-volume production of fabricated assemblies, robotic welding with fully-interfaced synergic pulse MIG welding equipment is employed to produce components with exact repeatability.

    • Typical material thickness from 3mm to 50mm
    • Accommodate a range of fabrications up to 5 tonnes in weight
    • Materials
      • Mild & Stainless-steel grades
      • Aluminium & Aluminium Alloys
      • Inconel & Monel's
      • Titanium
    • Processes
      • MIG, TIG, ARC & Gas welding
      • Brazing
      • Flame Cutting
      • NDT – Dye Penetrant, X Ray, Pressure Decay & Hydrostatic testing
      • CNC Machining both Milling & Turning
      • Painting
    • Typical Volume 1 to 5,000 per year
    • Pressure Vessels
    • Shipping Brackets
    • Exhaust Outlets
    • Air Transfer Tubes
    • Fuel Mixers
    • Structural Frames

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